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Financial Reports

Financial Advisory Group Meetings



Independent Examination of the School Fund

The independent examination certificate for the School Fund for 2016-17 is available by clicking on the link:  St John’s Academy – Certificate 5.3.18

Financial Reports

When a parental contribution of £25 per pupil, or more, is requested towards a school trip or event, a financial statement must be prepared and published on our school’s website.  Parents will  be advised when financial statements are published and a copy will be made available if requested.  This statement will list all costs covered by the parental contributions.

Click on the links below to view the full financial statement.

Reports 2015/2016

Battlefields 2015

Dalguise 2015

Romania 2015

Battlefields 2016

Iona 2016

Senior Prom 2016

Ski 2016

Reports 2016/2017

Dalguise 2016

Romania 2016

Ski 2017

Iona 2017

Romania 2017

Battlefields 2017


Reports 2017/2018

Dalguise 2017

Ski 2018