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3 May 2019 – All through

Dear Parents/Carers

The summer term is here!  Health Week is currently underway in our nursery and primary, with the secondary Health Week to come later in May.  Our Bike Breakfast this morning was a great success (and thanks to Mr Antoniewicz for the brilliant picture).  The exam season is ongoing, and as I write, many of our young people are sitting National 5 Mathematics.  I wish all our candidates, across the whole range of courses, every success. 

Today is our first of 3 activity days for S1-3.  These are happening in response to pupil and parent requests to re-establish these types of opportunities.  A range of activities, at varying costs, have been organised, providing our young people with opportunities to spend time together outside of school, engaging in fun activities.  This builds on the many opportunities now available at each stage across our primary school – again in response to parental requests.  My thanks to the office staff, teachers and support staff for ensuring all of these events are positive experiences for our children and young people.

Through the Pupil Equity Fund, and in partnership with Stagecoach, we are piloting free transport home for any secondary pupils who are involved in enhanced curriculum opportunities, such as study classes, school sports clubs, etc.  (This does not include private study in the campus after school or external clubs.) This opportunity can also extend to prefects who are carrying out duties outside of the normal school day.  We are doing this in response to feedback from our secondary pupils who cite the cost of transport as a barrier to participating in opportunities.  If your child needs to take a bus home after an enhanced curriculum opportunity, they can pick up a signed request form from the teacher in charge and take it to reception.  They will be given a special voucher which is handed over to the bus driver for each stage of the journey home and exchanged for a normal bus ticket.  The school will then pick up the cost of this using Pupil Equity Funding.  We hope this will encourage more of our young people to engage in the many opportunities we have after school, particularly if the cost of transport is a challenge.  We will review this regularly as we need to ensure this is a sustainable solution and is having a positive impact on attendance at after school events.  I am grateful to Stagecoach for enabling this to happen.

Next session, the amount of Pupil Equity Funding is down across the primary and secondary by 10%.  This funding is linked to the amount of pupils who claim free school meals from P4-S3.  If you are in receipt of certain benefits you can claim free school meals as well as a school clothing grant.  More information can be found at: or ask at the school office.  We can help you fill in the forms too.  We also use some of our Pupil Equity Funding for our Opportunity Fund, helping families afford the extra costs associated with engaging with school.  For more information, see our Pupil Opportunity Fund page.

Finally, we have published an online version of our Nursery and School Brochure in Polish.  Click on our Polish Nursery and School Brochure or our English version to read about our all-through school.  This is a great resource for new pupils throughout our school.  Thanks to Dorota Marciniec from the EAL team and Mr Smith for putting the Polish version together for us.

As always, many thanks to you for the great support you give to your school.

With every good wish,

Seán P Hagney

Headteacher and Campus Leader