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2018 Awards Ceremony

Towards the end of June we celebrated our annual awards ceremonies.

In the secondary, we have 2 special ceremonies, for S1-2 and S3-6.  The S1-2 ceremony celebrates the excellence and endeavour of our pupils and we are grateful for the large audience of parents and families who come along and celebrate with us. Mr Seán Hagney gave his Headteacher’s Address, and took the opportunity to highlight all the achievements of the pupils over the last year.  This included the very positive report from the local authority which had been published on the same day.  You can read the ELAV report here.  One young person commented, “It was such a good feeling to be involved; it felt great to be applauded by our friends, teachers and families.”  Another said, “It inspired me; I will work hard to achieve even more for next year.”

Tamzin Longhorn, our new Captain of St Columba House, describes the S3-6 ceremony:

“Like the S1-2 ceremony, the S3-6 awards were hosted by Mr McAninch.  Special guests included Dr Janet Brown, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Bishop Stephen, Mgr Martin, and Sharon Johnstone, Head of Early Years and Primary at Perth and Kinross.  Mr Hagney gave his Headteacher’s address which included inserts from our outgoing S6 pupils.  They reflected on what’s best about our school, their proudest moment and what they were most thankful for.  Dr Janet Brown was the keynote speaker and gave an inspirational speech before presenting the awards for Excellence and Endeavour. Dr Brown was impressed with the strong community spirit in our school and spoke about the importance of the bonds which are established during school and can be lifelong. Dr Brown reflected on her personal learning journey, how she became an physicist and engineer, before becoming CEO of the SQA.  She also offered the gathered students advice on the importance of working hard, determination and achieving your goal. The ceremonies were a great way to recognise a lot of hard work done this year. Our speakers and the examples of others have inspired us to do our best in the year to come.”

Other highlights of the night included the presentation of the ‘double dux’ – a first for the school.  Jack Dailly and Robert McCall were both presented with this special award.  The ceremonial handing on of duties from the Head Girl and Boy of 2017-18 to the new Head Girl and Boy of 2018-19 was also an important part of the evening. Louise and Albert welcomed Matthew and Roisin, and gave powerful speeches about their own memories of school.  One pupil commented later that, “The head boy and girl’s speeches highlighted how much the school can do for you and how much you can achieve,” with another adding that, “The speeches made me realise that I don’t have long left as a pupil of St John’s. I need to make these next couple of years really count.”

Announced on the night, Mr McAninch declared that St Columba House won the Sports Cup and the overall House Cup, with the other houses close behind (with just 30 points in it!).  Sharon Johnstone kindly presented Robert and Bethan, outgoing House Captains, with the trophies.

Fond farewells were said to Mrs McCabe, Mrs Ward, Mrs Livingstone and Mr McAninch, amongst others: we wish them all the best of luck for the future.

The evening was rounded off with a blessing and final thoughts from Bishop Stephen Robson.

You can see the full list of S1-6 award winners by clicking on the links below.  Congratulations to each one of them.

To download the list of S1 and S2 achievements, please click here.

To download the list of S3 to S6 achievements, please click here.