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22 May 2017 – Nursery and Primary

Dear Parents and Carers

It’s been a while since my last blog but that doesn’t mean that things have not been busy since the start of term!

Shortly after we returned we had an extra-special soft start which focused on ‘developing the young workforce’, with a number of our P6/7s participating in the ‘Take Your Child to Work’ initiative the following day.  The school and campus hosted a number of our staff’s children too and it was great to have them visit us.

Health Week in the nursery and primary was blessed with excellent weather!  This meant that all the activities went ahead as planned.  The children were superstars, and the turnout from our families was great.  Thank you – your support means a great deal to us as well as your children.  It was also great to see so many in house colours – thanks again to our parent council for initiating this.  P3J had the opportunity to have a trip to Glenalmond College’s outdoor learning classroom and had a great day!  Our nursery children have been planting and learning about growing great food to eat!

Last week over 700 children from P1-S3 took part in a special Save a Life Scotland event.  The children were supported by the Scottish Ambulance and Fire Services and learned how to do compressions and how vital it is to keep the heart going in a critical situation.  We are all very proud of their efforts – they were superb.  Thanks to a whole host of people for organising this, including our PE department.

P7 have had a couple of opportunities to be ambassadors for the school.  They all recently participated in the SafeTaysiders event at Perth Racecourse and were positively engaged in the day.  Representatives from P7 also shared their learning from their Pope Francis Faith Award at St John’s Church during Sunday Mass.  Centred around the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Award challenges our children to consider how they use their special talents and gifts to respect themselves and God, and to serve others.  As P7 prepare to move on to the secondary, it is wonderful to see them represent the primary school so well and so proudly.

On 2 February 2017 I wrote to you about the Pupil Equity Fund.  The Scottish Government have since produced a leaflet for parents which is available here.  We will be discussing how we use this fund with the Parent Council and update you on our agreed priorities soon.  If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals click here for an application form or ask at the school office.

For those who drop your children off at school, I am sure you’ll have noticed the new entrance to the car park.  This is the first stage of some major changes we are planning to combat drivers who are endangering the lives of the children of this school.  I ask for your support by never entering the turning circle, dropping your children off at a safe distance and driving responsibly in Gowans Terrace and around our school and the Grammar.  To improve the traffic situation at the start and end of our school day requires all of us to plan to behave differently so that all our children are safe.  Thank you to everyone who already does what we ask – I am really grateful to you for this.

We are of course preparing for transitions across the school.  As I write, the new timetable has begun in the secondary as we prepare for the new arrivals from P7.  The nursery (and our nursery partners from across Perth) have been working together to ensure the best possible start to P1.  I look forward to meeting new P1 parents on 24 May and our new P7s on 2 June as part of the ‘inventor’s day’.

Finally, the ‘Pennies for the Playgrounds’ appeal is nearly complete (although the Totaliser doesn’t say so just yet).  We hope to have a couple of announcements soon!  We are aiming to have the work completed over the summer.

For now, every good wish,

Seán P Hagney

Headteacher and Campus Leader