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Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report Published

The Extended Learning and Achievement Visit (ELAV) Report is now available.  The ELAV took place on 27-28 March 2018, led by Quality Improvement Officers Donald MacLeod and Jennifer Sorrie.

On receiving the report Mr Hagney, Headteacher of St John’s RC Academy, commented, “I am delighted that this report is so positive. I want to express my thanks to the ELAV team, and to pupils, parents, staff and school partners who engaged so positively with them.  The team praised the school for many areas of our work, and I’m particularly pleased that they saw our young people as a key strength.  They described them as polite, engaged in learning, interacting positively in a respectful and positive way.

“The report praises the effectiveness of our staff in ensuring positive outcomes for our young people, and their leadership, innovation and creativity.

“The team also recognised the leadership of myself and the senior leaders of the school, and the shared vision and values we have as a Catholic community of faith and learning. They spoke of our community as inclusive, caring and kind, with strong and positive relationships.  I can’t think of a higher compliment!  This is a tribute to every one of our pupils, parents and staff.  I recommend the report to our parents and anyone who wants to know more about our community.

“As we plan for next session, we will use this feedback to ensure that all the children and young people of St John’s Academy grow in wisdom and in grace, achieve their full potential and are ready for the world of possibilities which awaits them.”

The report highlights the following key strengths of the nursery and school:

  • The school’s strong sense of identity and the ownership of the identity by the children, young people and staff. Children and young people are well behaved, polite and engaged in their learning. They interact positively with their peers in a respectful and positive manner.
  • The leadership of the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team who have a strong sense of direction and strategically plan for continuous school improvement. The leadership approaches which encourage and foster leadership, innovation and creativity across the school.
  • The shared understanding of the vision, values and aims in the school community and the inclusive, caring and kind ethos of the whole school community that is built upon strong and positive relationships.
  • The school’s approaches to school improvement planning and self-evaluation that are collaborative, and are systematic and robust. Self-evaluation is based upon analysis, evaluation and data and is impacting on learners.
  • The effectiveness of staff to ensure positive outcomes for young people and the capacity for continuous improvement.
  • The approaches to targeted programmes such as resilience and self-regulation and the partnerships which enhance this.

Together with the ELAV team, we identified and agreed key next steps to ensure continuous improvement.  These form part of our School Improvement Plan.  For next session we will:

  • Build on our approaches to Responsibilities of All and provide moderation, quality assurance and engagement opportunities for staff and enhance approaches to improving literacy and numeracy for all learners.
  • Continue to develop our approaches to young people as leaders of learning, and in contributing to the leadership of learning, and further explore opportunities for pupils and parents to participate in school improvement processes.
  • Continue to develop approaches to class based universal and targeted support for young people, including EAL pupils and approaches to pace and challenge for all.
  • Ensure all teaching staff adopt common approaches to Learning, Teaching and Assessment, including Assessment is for Learning, feedback and differentiation that will provide parity of experience and expectations and ensure the identified good practice in learning and teaching is shared collaboratively and applied.

You can download the full report here.