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Fairtrade Group News

Our Fairtrade Group are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our Fairachiever Fairtrade status. This award is given to schools who have fully embedded the use of Fairtrade into their daily life and who take action/hold events to raise awareness of Fairtrade in their local community.

Over the past few sessions the group has organised staff/senior pupil coffee mornings, run whole school assemblies, provided hospitality/sold Fairtrade products at Family Mass, produced Fairtrade activities for pupils to complete during Tutor Group, ran Fairtrade Festivals and organised community Bingo Tea events to name but a few. Mrs Sandilands/Ms Golder who run the secondary group along with the pupils would like to praise the group members for their commitment to supporting Fairtrade.

As a school and campus, we commit to the availability of fairtrade goods for our hospitality and partner with Tayside Contracts to ensure this. We are committed to promoting fairtrade as a means of ensure producers are paid a fair price. As a Catholic school, our values reflect those of the Gospel, and our work as a Fairachiever school supports our values of Fairness, Respect and Love.

Although our Secondary Fairtrade Group membership continues to grow, we always welcome new members – look out for meeting days/times in the school bulletin if you would like to join. For our primary pupils, please speak with Miss McIlroy or Miss M Martin.

Mrs Sandilands, Ms Golder and members of our Fairtrade Group are joined by Mr Hagney to celebrate our renewed status as a Fairachiever School.