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Hitting Rock Bottom with P7

On Wednesday 27th March, Primary 7 performed ‘Rock Bottom’.  A show about an ordinary stone-age boy called Bobby who just wants to work for the prime time stone-age celebrity, Lord Lava, but his plans don’t always work out.  Secrets to success were revealed, friendships were formed in this ‘funny bone’ tickling musical extravaganza.  

Primary 7 gripped audiences of all ages by providing an entertaining and comedic experience.  With heart-wrenching ballads and phenomenal bops with energetic dances, the character included: Bobby Cobblestone, Cliff Cobblestone, Coral Cobblestone, Rocky Rockefeller, Wild Willie and many more.  Here are some of Primary 7’s thoughts after the show:

 “I think the show was spectacular because we got to perform in front of the school and our parents.”- Lukas (Juan 3)

“I think Primary 7 worked very well together and during the rehearsals they supported one another. During the show they were fantastic performers.”

“The show was fab-tastic, interesting, funny, creative and outstanding.” Leona (Funkydink)

“It was amazing.”- Roberta (Wild Willie)

By Ruben Shearer (Lord Lava) and Oliwia Horbaczek (Gravel)