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Hong Kong visit

During the October holidays, four S4 pupils from St John’s Academy joined up with pupils from Perth Grammar, Morrison’s Academy, Lasswade High School and St Ninian’s High School, on an amazing adventure to Hong Kong.

Some of the pupils were participating in a trail run across Hong Kong but we were very relieved to be focussing more on cultural experiences and meeting up with our exchange partners!  After a tiring journey, it was great to finally arrive in Hong Kong and see the incredible skyline for the first time; we had never seen such enormous buildings!

hk-2016During our ten-day stay, we had some wonderful experiences and some very interesting insights into life in Hong Kong, including visits to the Correctional Museum and the Hong Kong Police headquarters. A particular cultural highlight was visiting a local school, where a group of pupils performed a very energetic and acrobatic dragon dance, and we tried out some of the technology that they use during lessons, even leaving with 3D-printed phone holders as mementos.

We managed to have some time to relax, when we sunbathed and swam on Stanley Beach, and we even found time for a visit to the newest Disneyland, which was beautifully decorated for Halloween.

Food was an important feature of the trip. We all became highly skilled in the use of chopsticks and enjoyed some delicious banquets, and the more adventurous among us even tried some more unusual local delicacies such as fish heads!

We really appreciated the efforts that our exchange partners and their friends made to make us feel welcome and show us the highlights of life in Hong Kong. We hope to keep in touch with the new friends we made from other schools, and are very eager to travel to other exotic locations in the future.