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Information for parents/carers: access to the internet

Access to the internet, social media and online gaming are opening up a world of possibilities for our children.  As our children grow up, we need to help them to understand how to access the online world responsibly and safely. is an excellent starting point for parents and carers.  There are video guides and lots of helpful advice on the site (for parents of both primary and secondary aged pupils) – and it doesn’t assume you already know what’s available.

Parents and carers should be aware that children and young people from St John’s Academy (as well as across the country) are choosing to take real risks on social media sites, and through online gaming and video sharing sites.  Please don’t think this just happens to other people’s children – it is happening here, and we ask that parents/carers take active responsibility in monitoring your child’s access to online resources.  Parents/carers are often taken by surprise by the actions of their child when online and ‘out of sight’ – please do all that you can to ensure that your child is safe and acts responsibly.