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Nativity 2017

Primary 2 have been very busy this term as they have learned about the birth of Jesus and prepared to share their learning with the whole school, their families and the wider community of St John’s Academy.

They learned about the roles of the key figures in the Nativity following the appearance of the Angel Gabriel to the ‘Sleepy Shepherd.’  The audience travelled with the ‘Sleepy Shepherd’ to Bethlehem where, having noticed the shining star he found the stable with Mary, Joseph and the new born baby Jesus lying in a manger. Soon they were joined by the kings, camels and other shepherds who came to honour the ‘new born king.’

The children worked very hard to learn all of the songs and challenged themselves to play the roles of characters: unruly sheep, angels, kings, shepherds, donkeys and camels and Joseph and Mary.

Pupils grew in confidence. Some children originally didn’t want a speaking part but they undertook the roles of shepherds and kings with lines to say that they delivered audibly and clearly.

The narrators confidently told the story as the other children listened and followed their directions.

From shepherds and sheep and dancing angels, all of the children knew and played their roles with precision.

‘I feel so excited!’ exclaimed Zach.

The children told everyone the important message of the Nativity when Agata, as Mary, said ‘Jesus the Son of God is born.’

Mrs Crines and Mrs Wilkie.

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