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New attainment data released (2016/17)

Scottish Government has collated attainment data from schools across Scotland.  This data shows attainment at the end of P1, P4, P7 and S3 based on teacher’s judgements, supported by moderation.  The data can be accessed here.  On the page, you can select the latest year (2016/17), the local authority (Perth and Kinross) and the school (St John’s RC Academy).

In future years, teacher’s judgements will be supported by the Scottish National Standardised Assessments.  Parents and Carers can find out more about these assessments and how teachers assess progress here.

Please note: Caution must be applied in interpreting the data on this dashboard. Comparisons between schools within and across authorities should not be made without knowledge of the underlying approach to assessment and the context of the authority or school. The data on this dashboard does not provide detail on these factors.