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Performance Data Published

In order to help raise attainment and support school improvement, information is gathered annually on the attainment and destinations of school leavers across Scotland.

The information presented here is designed to give parents a view of how schools are meeting the challenges facing Scottish education today:

  • equipping children and young people with the skills, experience and attitudes needed in the 21st century,
  • raising attainment for all, and
  • ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed.

The information presented here is designed to give parents a view of how St John’s RC Academy is meeting these challenges, by using the framework of CfE innovatively to meet the needs of all learners.

Commenting on this information, Mr Seán Hagney, Headteacher, said, “Our performance data paints a very positive picture of the achievements of our school leavers.  We are very proud of our pupils’ achievements and recognise their hard work, and that of staff and parents/carers, in helping them towards success.  We are particularly delighted that these statistics highlight how we add value to the lives of our most disadvantaged young people, whether through the development of key skills like literacy and numeracy, or through achieving a positive leaver destination, and help to give them the best possible start to their adult lives.  We are pleased that in almost all measures the young people of St John’s RC Academy achieve more compared to their ‘virtual comparators’.   We note too that the attendance figures need to improve and we are committed to working with the children and their families to ensure that all of our pupils attend school.

“It is also fair to say that all statistics should be treated with due caution, and I urge parents to also look beyond this very positive information and see all the great work the school does to offer a wide range of learning opportunities to all our young people from age 2 to 18.  These wider experiences, grounded in our gospel values, together with the support of parents and carers, contribute enormously to the life-long success of our young people, and enable them to grow into adults with the skills to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to our society.”