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P2 Nativity 2013

Pupils from St John’s RC Academy delighted an audience of parents and friends with their Nativity Play at the school on Wednesday 10th December 2013.  The traditional story was set to music and it opened with the appearance of  spaceship which had broken down on Earth.  A group of green-eyed aliens became curious about the events of the Nativty story which were unfolding around them on planet earth.

The whole of Primary 2, under the direction of Miss O’Sullivan and Mrs Rigby, performed the richly costumed drama with a good mixture or reverence and humour, with musical contributions from P1 and P3-7 too.

The stranded aliens were momentarily distracted and they considered asking the Angels for flying lessons! Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds and Wise Men, all gave outstanding performances worthy of their place passing on the Gospel story to a new generation.

Headteacher, Mrs Audrey May, praised the efforts of all those involved in the production, It was a whole school effort. At this busy time of the year it is so important for us all to make time hear the Good News of Christmas.