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P2 Nativity and Christmas Show

Each year at St John’s RC Academy, our P2 classes are the stars (and the shepherds and the kings!) of our Nativity. Primary 2 are joined by children from across the primary school who sing Christmas songs as part of the whole show.

This year, Primary 2 led us in the retelling of the Nativity Story, with “Everyone Loves A Baby!” In preparing for this big event, P2 have learned about Jesus’ birth and prepared to share their learning with the school, their parents and the wider community of St John’s Academy. The children learned about the key roles each person played and the importance of each individual role.

The children worked very hard to learn all the songs and challenged themselves to play the roles of the characters. The narrators ably told the story as the other children listened and followed the directions.

At the end of the evening performance, Mr Hagney, Headteacher, said that the show was brilliant and the best ever! He thanked the staff and all the children who took part, for singing so confidently and acting so well.

What the children said:

“I felt like a good wise man and enjoyed doing the wise poses” – Tom.

“I liked being a dancing shepherd.” – Jack

“Jesus is a special baby born in a manger and we shared that with everyone” – Nia.