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Primary Learning Trees Term 3 2015/2016

Term 3 Learning Trees

Each term class teachers will issue each class with a Learning Tree. This will include information about planned learning within Literacy and English, Numeracy and Mathematics, Religious Education and Health and Wellbeing. In addition, the class context for learning will also be included and there will be a specific skills focus. Having this information about what your child will be learning in school enables you to further extend their learning at home through discussion and appropriate activities which would support this.

There will also be general information regarding PE days, planned school trips, upcoming assemblies and any other relevant information.

We hope you will see this as a useful way to keep up to date with what your child will be learning in school.

Your child’s portfolio will be available during Parent Contact Evenings throughout the year and at an Open Evening on Wednesday 15 June. Please take time to look through your child’s portfolio and leave a comment on the learning conversations record.

We also like to encourage all children to share their wider achievements from outwith school. These wider achievements can range from more formal recognition i.e. certificates, badges and medals to helping and supporting in your local community and fundraising as some further examples. Please encourage your child to bring evidence of their wider achievements into school to share with their class, whole school during assembly and record in their portfolio. We will photocopy or photograph these and return originals home.