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Primary School Enrolment – Session 2015/2016

The 2015/2016 school year starts on Tuesday 18th August 2015.  All children who are five years old on or before 28th February 2016 must start their primary school education on that date.  Parents/carers of children who are eligible to start in August 2015 but feel their child is not ready to start school should seek advice from staff at their nursery if they are considering a deferred entry. Primary school enrolments take place from Monday 12th January to Friday 16th January 2015. Please bring along the following documentation at time of registration:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate as proof of age
  • Two pieces of evidence of the child’s home address (council tax letter and a recent utility bill as proof that you live permanently at this address)
  • We also require evidence of the date and place of Baptism for Catholic pupils, as places will be allocated first to children who have been baptised in the Roman Catholic Church and live within our catchment area.

For the Diocese of Dunkeld leaflet on P1 enrolment, click here.