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Recovery Return 2020

Last updated: 240620

This page provides you with information on our plans to reopen the school in August 2020. This information is subject to change as a result of advice and guidance from Perth and Kinross Council and Scottish Government being regularly updated.

In addition to the information given below, specific information is given to new pupils in P1 and S1 on our P1/P7 Transitions Page. We may also supplement the general information here with specific information for our:

General information

On 22 June 2020, the Headteacher wrote to parents indicting the attendance pattern for each child across nursery, primary and secondary. You can read a generic version of the letter here. In response to our recent pupil and parent consultation, we prioritised keeping those children who live in the same households together on the same days. We coordinated this across our nursery, primary and secondary. Also in response to the pupil and parent consultation, we relaxed the uniform policy and prioritised affordability. Details are in the letter.

In the model we adopted, half of nursery, P1-7 and S1-6 would have attended on Monday-Tuesday and the other half on Thursday-Friday. We did this to prioritise the link between your child and their class teacher(s). Although this did not give us a perfect match, particularly for S1 and S2, we believe good quality learning relationships are at the heart of good quality learning, and so this model provided the best fit in these difficult circumstances.

On 23 June 2020, the Depute First Minister, Mr John Swinney announced in Parliament that our plans for August are now contingency plans, and will only be put in place if the Covid-19 virus is not sufficiently suppressed. Mr Swinney’s statement in full is here. We will be working closely with the local authority to ensure that new plans are in place to allow all children to return in August, as long as it is safe to do so. The staff welcome this, and look forward with hope that we can return to some kind of normality very soon.

Please be aware that any return to full time schooling will likely still be different to normal, including greater hygiene measures and other adjustments.

Mr Hagney wrote to all parents/carers on 24 June 2020. You can read this letter here.

Mr Hagney again wrote to parents and carers on 29 June 2020. You can read this letter here. In this letter, he outlines that from week beginning 11 August, we will have 2 inservice days followed by 3 days of transition and induction. On 17 August, we now hope that we will have a full return to school for all who are able to attend.

We will update you again soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support – it is truly appreciated.