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School Partnership Agreement

For a number of years, young people and teachers from St John’s Academy have been travelling to Bucharest to volunteer in the Marie Curie Hospital.  The hospital has long associations with Tayside through the Mercy Sisters who were based in Dundee until recently, and Sr Aloysius in particular.  Our secondary school chaplain, Fr Colin Golden, has been actively fundraising for this work for many years.
During these visits, we have been building a relationship with the local all through Catholic school called St Joseph’s College (Colegiul Romano-Catolic Sf. Iosif).  Our staff and young people have met together, and there has been some sharing of learning between classes also.  Both St Joseph’s and St John’s are keen to develop this work much further so that we can learn together.

In February, Mr Hagney made a short visit to Bucharest to visit St Joseph’s College and to agree how we will work together.  At the school, Mr Hagney met with Headteacher Sr Rodica, Fr Ciprian (RE), Cristina Barbu (English) and other staff and students to agree a way forward.  Our agreed aims are:
• To develop joint curricular opportunities that will enrich each partner school through focusing on global themes:
o Rights and Responsibilities
o Fairness and equality
o Identity and Belonging
o Sustainable living
o Conflict and peace
• To promote a diverse approach across our curricula on global themes, particularly in relation to Bucharest/Romania and Perth/Scotland
• To learn from each other about different cultures, educational systems and curricula
• To exchange ideas on leadership, management, learning and teaching, school ethos and continuous professional development
• To develop a sustainable partnership, through active participation of staff across both schools

We are very much looking forward to working on learning together opportunities over the coming years across the primary and secondary departments.

Sr Rodica writes:

Dear friends from St. John’s Academy, Scotland

On behalf of the pupils and teachers from St Joseph’s Roman Catholic College in Bucharest, I am gladly greeting all of you, pupils and teachers, at the beginning of this blessed time of Lent.

We are very happy to have welcomed Mr Sean Hagney in our school. We hope that the partnership we signed last week in Bucharest would be a bridge between our schools and our countries, nourishing our friendship and our desire to work together for a Christian Europe in which peace and love can rule. We commit all our hopes and mutual projects to God, so that He can make them come true.

My kindest regards to all of you!

Sr. Rodica Elena MIRON,

Head teacher, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic College