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Scots Schuil o the Year Nomination

St John’s Academy is delighted to be nominated as Scots Schuil o the Year 2019 by the Scots Language Awards in its inaugural year.

The winner is decided by public vote, so please take the time to vote. You can vote by clicking here. Please note you’ll be asked for your name and email address to ensure votes are valid.  NB Voting has now closed.

St John’s Academy has promoted Scots, the mither tongue to many of our pupils, throughout the nursery, primary and secondary through a whole host of activities, from songs and rhymes, to Scots literature and poems, to celebrating Scots in our dedicated week each year.

For many of our young people with English as an additional language, learning about Scots helps them to better understand the words and phrases being used informally in school and in our communities. To Scots, recognising the beauty and creativity of our common tongue, helps them to fully appreciate the power of the spoken and written word.

We wid be fair chuffed wi’ yir vote! Please click here and vote now! Many thanks!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Hawick High School who won. Thanks to all who took the time to vote for us!  News of the award night is here.