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Home Learning & Severe Weather Resources

Below you will find links to resources which can be used for home study or during severe weather closures.  Please note that some sites, such as cover all curriculum areas and subjects across all levels which are appropriate for S1-6 pupils.  Sites such as and have resources which cover all subjects and levels within the Senior Phase (S4-6).  For SQA Past Papers, click this link here.


For resources and links for Art and Design, click on the links below:

Business Education/Computing

Pupils can complete past paper questions which can be downloaded from

To download subject specific papers pupils should load the SQA website, click on the subject tab and select the relevant subject.

Pupils can use information contained within the to aid them in the completion of these papers as this site provides a list of hyperlinks to websites that would aid revision and support the development of knowledge for each subject.

Business Management – N5/N6 – 1 March 2018

Business Management past papers can also be downloaded from the Files Tab in our Teams page. Remember to complete homework for Friday (Higher – Section 1 of the 2017 paper, N5 – 2017 Questions Case Study Questions 1 and 2)– you should also complete the rest of this paper for Friday. Questions can be completed in your homework jotter or emailed to Mrs Sandilands ( I can be contacted through email/conversation on the Teams page if you have any queries. You can also complete any HRM question we have not yet completed through in the Leckie and Leckie Text Books.

S2 Business Pupils – 1 March 2018

We were due to begin the Fairtrade and Marketing unit this week – if you have access to the Internet you can research Fairtrade (we will discuss your findings/facts during the next lesson) – the Fairtrade Foundation website has lots of interesting facts and information about Fairtrade for you to research –

S1 ICT Pupils – 1 March 2018

If  you have access to the Internet you can complete the touch-typing lessons on the Sense-Lang website –


English Department

S1-6 pupils are encouraged to access BBC Bitesize for a wide range of revision resources at all stages and levels:

All senior students have study packs which provide specific materials related to their course of study. These should be used for regular revision. During periods of severe weather, it is expected that students take advantage of the extra study time to re-read longer texts and work on vocabulary acquisition through a range of personal reading. They can also download past papers from

News from SQA: At National 5 and Higher level, students are now required by SQA to submit work for the Writing Folio using a designated template. This template has been downloaded and made available through the P drive on the school network. It can also be accessed directly from SQA by clicking here and going to the ‘Submitting Coursework’ tab. Instructions for use are also provided.


For resources and links for Home Economics, click on the links below:


For resources and links for Modern Languages, click on the links below:


For resources and links for Maths, click here -> Maths Revision


For resources and links for Music, click on the links below:


For resources and links for Science, click here -> Science Revision


For resources and links for RMPS, click on the link below: