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Small Changes, Big Difference

St John’s Academy’s Design, Engineering and Technology department, as part of their Nae Waste campaign, challenged staff, parents and pupils to share their creative approaches to recycling in their homes.  The focus of this video is to highlight that even small changes can make a big difference by reducing, reusing and rethinking attitudes to household waste.

Many pupils and staff got involved showing their creative approaches to reducing and reusing their household waste. 

To watch the video click here.

Mr Hagney, who also features on the video, said:

“The department’s #NaeWaste Campaign has met with an enthusiastic response from within the school community and beyond.  Headed up by ‘Dr Design and Professor Plastic’, the campaign is an engaging way of getting our community to rethink our attitudes to household waste and our impact on our local and global community. This particular initiative has had a great response from pupils and staff who are working at home during the pandemic.  I congratulate them all in their fun and imaginative designs and reuse of household items.”