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SQA Results 2020 – Update

Congratulations to all our candidates on their success in SQA courses this year. As a school, our results this year are broadly in line with previous years, when we achieved some of the best results in our school’s history. The quality of our pupils’ achievements is down to their hard work and the evidence they have produced throughout the year. Their grades are no less than they rightly deserve. Well done to you all.

Nevertheless, there will be some candidates who will be disappointed in one or more of their results, and may need further advice. Our Guidance Team are available, and we have the support within school of a Skills Development Scotland Careers Coach, Erni Hamilton. Appointments with parents/carers are essential – please contact the school office to book one: 01738 454300. Young people can arrange meetings with Guidance staff or the careers coach within the school at any time.

As a result of the change in government policy, SQA has been directed to award candidates the estimates given by teachers. The school has issued letters to those affected, and has let them know if they can expect an updated certificate from the SQA. These certificates are to be issued in the coming weeks.

Like colleagues from across Scotland, teachers in St John’s Academy based their judgements on the evidence they had from candidates, and inferred from this what grade each candidate would achieve if the exam had taken place. These judgements were discussed at length with departmental colleagues and quality assured by a member of the senior leadership team. We have every confidence that our teacher judgements are fair and robust and our candidates can be confident that they have earned their N5, Higher or Advanced Higher awards.

As a result of the change in policy, the appeals process is restricted. More information can be found on the SQA website: click here.

Once again, congratulations on all our candidates on their achievements.