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SQA Results Service

Perth and Kinross Council Education and Children’s Services endorses and adopts the advice on the SQA Results Services issued by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES)and as detailed in the document “ADES Advice on SQA Results Services”. The advice is firmly based upon the SQA’s processes and procedures and is an accurate reflection of the publicly available information on the SQA’s website that can be found at

Perth and Kinross secondary schools have adopted this advice and follow the guidance on when to access the SQA’s Results Services and the conditions for accessing these services.

There are two parts to the Results Services:

  • The Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service operates before results are published and considers Personal Circumstances or Examination Circumstances that may have fundamentally affected performance in an examination.
  • The Post-Results Service operates after the examination results are published and is accessed only when there is concern about a pupil’s result, and is based on their consistent performance throughout the course that is supported by rigorous evidence of this consistent performance. The decision to request or access Post-Results Services is taken by the Headteacher of the school and the request must adhere to the timelines published annually by the SQA, and with written consent from the pupil and parent.

This statement confirms the procedure for secondary schools in Perth and Kinross Council on the Results Services provided by the SQA.

The ADES Advice on SQA Results Services document can be accessed on our website by clicking here.