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New Depute Headteacher appointed

Mrs Lora Burgess has been appointed to the position of Depute Headteacher within the secondary of St John’s RC Academy.  Mr Hagney, Headteacher, said, “I am delighted to appoint Mrs Burgess to this permanent post within the school after a competitive interview process.  I thank the parents, pupils and representatives from the local authority and the diocese for contributing to this decision.  I know Mrs Burgess will serve this community very well, as she has already over the past 2 years in other posts, and I wish her continued success in the future”.  Mrs Burgess is year head of S1, S2 and S6 and will continue to oversee all aspects of additional support.

19 November 2018 – All Through

Dear Parents/Carers

As usual, we’ve been busy in St John’s RC Academy! There’s been lots going on, and I hope that you are keeping up to date with just some of the things that happen through our very active Twitter accounts (@st_johnsacademy and @stjohnsnursery_).  You can also access these through our website (

As we approach the half-way point of our academic year we are very much focused on our learning across the whole school. Our senior pupils are working hard on their coursework and preparing for examinations.  Of course, exam success doesn’t just happen in the senior phase.  All our learning leads to this, from nursery to the end of S3, so our efforts and hard work, developing our knowledge and skills, are crucial to success later in life.  Scottish Book Week, which we are celebrating this week, is a welcome reminder of the importance that reading for pleasure has in building our understanding of the world, as well as improving our literacy skills.  Next week, the secondary will be celebrating Scotland Week and in particular celebrating our Scots language.  Absolutely stoatin! Read more