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Which qualifications are changing?

The school, together with the rest of Scotland, has now moved to the new National Qualifications.

The table below lists the old National Qualifications and shows how they equate to the new qualifications:

Current National Qualifications New National Qualifications
Access 1 and Access 2   > National 1 and National 2
Access 3 Standard Grade (Foundation level)   > National 3
Standard Grade (General level) Intermediate 1   > National 4
Standard Grade (Credit level) Intermediate 2   > National 5
Higher   > Higher (revised)
Advanced Higher   > Advanced Higher (revised)

To find out when qualifications will be available, look at the chart below (or download it directly from the SQA’s website by clicking here):

Qualifications Table






To find out more about exactly which qualifications pupils will take, see the SQA’s leaflet for parents by clicking here.