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YPI Final Event 21 June 2017

The YPI Scotland National Event takes place in June each year, and represents an opportunity to celebrate all that has been achieved through YPI that year, whilst showcasing best practice from across Scotland.

The event recognises the philanthropic success and engagement of tens of thousands of secondary students who have been responsible for directing hundreds of thousands of pounds to local grassroots charities.

This year pupils from St John’s Academy attended in 2 capacities:

Kayleigh Ptak, Niamh McCall, Caitlin Murray and Alayah McLaughlin who were this year’s school winners representing Ship and Splash attended along with their group mentor Mrs McCabe.

Our Senior Leadership Team were invited to support the running of the event along with Mrs Sandilands, school YPI co-ordinator. Their day started at 7.30 am in the morning dressing the venue with hundreds of balloons, bunting strips and setting up the selfie stand. Once the event began our team registered and coordinated guests, guided groups in the auditorium and worked alongside local photographers to ensure the event was captured in full.

Jonathan Christie, YPI Scotland Manager has written to the school expressing his thanks and outlined just how impressed he was with our senior students. Jonathan noted that they are “an incredibly warm, confident, and able group of young people.  The fact that they were willing to give up a whole day to support the national event was commendable, however their ability to manage registration, coordinate guests, and front face activity, across the whole day, was remarkable.  They elevated the overall smooth running of the event to a different level.  I have no doubt that this is a reflection of school culture and the sort of young people you are developing at St John’s Academy.”